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Intelligent community outdoor
advertising machine solution

new management mode of community based on informationalized
and intelligentized social management and servic

The smart community is a new idea of community management under the concept of smart city, and a new mode of social management innovation under the new situation. The smart community means to make full use of the new generation of information technology, such as the Internet of things, cloud computing, mobile Internet to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment for the residents, thus forming a new management model based on information and intelligent social management and service.

With smart home as the basic unit, the smart community is based on the Internet to realize the comprehensive management and service of the community. The smart community has the function of intelligent life and intelligent service, and has become an important part of the innovative intelligent city.


  • 先进性

    Use the digital outdoor LCD display screen to broadcast colorful, massive content such as picture, animation, video, reflecting the advancements of community publicity column.

  • 时效性

    The information of community notices, spiritual civilization, common sense, news, weather information, knowledge of disease prevention are published in time and accepted by the community.

  • 便利性

    Facilitate community residents to pay for the water and electricity fee and information inquiry of social security cards.

  • 运行稳定
    Stable Operation

    Before ex-works delivery, the equipment has to undergo rigorous testing. They have to monitor running state of the equipment in real time behind the scenes, set up early warning systems of equipment operation fault and quickly and accurately judge the reason and solve the equipment problems.

  • 广告效果
    Advertising Effect

    The content is the form of streaming media, and the interaction between touch screen and the public is the most effective advertising.

  • 精准投放
    Launch Precisely

    Through the data provided by environment monitoring system of background software, we can effectively analyze the customer groups and carry out targeted advertising.

  • 高效便捷
    Convenience and Efficiency

    The installation and maintenance of community electronic stations is simple and convenient, and remote information release can effectively reduce labor costs.





(1) adopt Industrial-grade highly reliable modular design, user-friendly, beautiful, convenient to maintain and complete protection measures.
(2) High resolution, high contrast, high brightness, greater level of image, and better performance details.
(3) it has the function of automatically eliminating the residual image, and preventing ultraviolet rays. Besides, heat insulation to sunlight, automatic green energy-saving light perception can ensure long-term use of LCD screen.
(4) The self-adaptive of black level extension can enhance the depth of image.
(5) Industrial-grade LCD screen allows video image brighter and greater third dimension.
(6) The picture is more natural and indeed free of scratch or tails with 16.7M color.
(7) With high reliability and good stability, the intelligent temperature control is environmentally friendly and quiet, especially suitable for working in harsh environment.
(8) Ultra-long life for 7*24 hours uninterrupted work and up to 60 thousand hours.




(1)The shell material of cabinet is the whole cold rolling sheet, with the outer surface is imported metal lacquer, anti magnetic, anti static, imported waterproof material. The whole machine adopts IP55 waterproof, outdoor all weather waterproof and dustproof, anti-theft, explosion-proof design,etc.
(2) High reliable electrical protection: leakage, overload, over voltage protection, lightning protection device, over temperature protection, etc.
(3) Sound: double channel, power amplifier system with surround sound audio and output power 8 euro 2 x 10W.
(4) The design standard of working environment temperature is +50 degrees to-20 degrees, and the cooling adopts high quality combined fan.
(5) Protective glass: 6mmAR+ all-steel heat insulation and glare resistant glass.
(6) Sustainability maintainability, and modular design principles are adopted in every system of complete machine.
(7) Machine fixed mode: M18-24 screws are poured from the ground to the bottom of the machine and fixed with nuts.
(8) Light sensing and overheating protection system: the screen backlight uses the automatic environmental light induction, real-time adjustment of the screen brightness to meet the clear image display under the strong sunlight environment, and let the screen not dazzling in the evening and energy waste. When the internal temperature of the machine is beyond the limit of the LCD screen, the thermal management system will respond and close the LCD screen instantly in order to protect it from working in bad conditions for a long time and breaking down.




(1) Use the digital outdoor LCD display screen to broadcast colorful, massive content such as picture, animation, video, reflecting the advancements of community publicity column.
(2) Playing lively and vivid video content makes the advertising more interesting. The touch function allows interact with the community and can attract people to communicate effectively.
(3) through intelligent network system, we can synchronize the contents of multiple devices across the country without leaving home.
(4) environmental monitoring system can grasp real-time operation of equipment and do early warning of equipment failure.

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