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Join hands with Aoer Technology to launch electronic bus stop board

The article source:This web site     Release time:04/28/2018 15:13     Views:46

In April 25th, an important training was carried out in electronic meeting room of Chuangweida, given by Mr. Li Xin, chairman of Shenzhen Aoer Technology Development Co., Ltd. All the staff of marketing department and sales department listened carefully and understood the basics of sophisticated, cutting-edge technological achievements of electronic bus stop board. The training marked the cooperation between Chuangweida Electronics Technology and Aoer Technology, which began to explore the domestic market of electronic bus stop board.

In recent years, people's needs for a better life are growing while infrastructure construction in major domestic cities and relevant science and technique develop vigorously. The electronic bus stop boards are launched on the market subsequently, which greatly facilitates people's daily life. Besides, it ensures the positive operation of urban public transport and becomes a beautiful scenery in cities.

“The intelligent digital bus”, which integrates the electronic bus stop board, is a new generation application system. The system adopts the global navigation & positioning satellite system (GPS), advanced communication systems (GPRS, optical transmission technology and active RFID), Geographic Information System (GIS-T), advanced video-delivery technology as well as intelligent sensor. In addition, the system is responsible for providing services such as real time and accurate vehicle arrival forecast for waiting passengers, in both English and Chinese, playing multimedia videos, real-time video monitoring. Passengers can submit their feedback and suggestions and multiple information can be released by means of the system. Various kinds of function of social service is also provided to effectively improve the operation of vehicles, such as taxi dispatching, emergency rescue information inquiry and so on.

Shenzhen Chuangweida Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd. has been working in the commercial display industry for many years. In 2013, it entered the field of outdoor highlighting advertising machine. At present, it has formed a complete industrial chain including solution design, outdoor whole machine research and development, sheet metal shell processing, whole machine sales and installation, layout of service network, which provides industry users with an overall outdoor commercial display solution for industry standards or customized attributes. Aiming to expand the market of electronic bus stop board,  Chuangweida has been focusing on integrating industry resource advantages since 2017. The products have been widely used in the  intelligent public transport system in major cities, and recognized by domestic industry customers such as bus groups and media giants.

Shenzhen Aoer Science and Technology Development Co. , Ltd. is a professional company with independent intellectual property rights, which engaged in GPS (global satellite positioning system), GIS (geographic information system), ITS ( intelligent transportation system), wireless data transmission communication and other equipment R & D, production and marketing. Aoer Technology has been involved in the GPS and GIS technology field since 2003. After years of technical reserve and fully understanding on application direction and product characteristics of GPS technology in developed countries, we independently developed the positioning products based on the combination of GPS positioning technology and GPRS wireless communication technology for the characteristics of the Chinese market. The GPS developer edition of Aoer’s independent intellectual property rights has been established by Aoer Technology from License to source-level service. It is expected that Chuangweida Electronics and Aoer Technology will cooperate to control a commanding point of domestic market of intelligent digital bus, leading the electronic bus stop board industry to develop orderly, positively and efficiently.

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