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The five technical capacities of Chuangweida outdoor advertising machine

The article source:本站     Release time:09/13/2016 19:23     Views:763

1. High Definition, High Brightness, Visible under Strong Light

       All weather, high resolution, high contrast, high brightness, clearer image display, more saturated color. The outdoor advertising machine has greatly improved sense of picture layering and express the detail better. Even in summer, scorching sun does not affect your visual effects.

2.Seven Protection

Waterproof: We are committed to outdoor product design and development, product diversification over the long-term, and waterproof grade can reach IPX5. The machine can operate normally in heavy rain.

Dustproof: Dust is an important factor in reducing the efficiency and accelerating the aging of the product. By designing dustproof structure and dustproof filter products, the dustproof grade can reach IP65.

Anti-theft: Through our professional design, there will not be a screw exposed in the surface appearance. With anti-theft function and strong structural support, anti-theft problems solved immediately.

Anti-lightning: In order to achieve all-weather outdoor performance,  reliable anti-lightning electronic control design is used to provide safety guarantee for equipment in thunderstorm days.

 Anti-riot:  Toughened glass with lamination is employed, so it can only produce fine crackle like spider reticulation even if the glass is damaged. Fragments are firmly attached to the middle layer and can avoid personal injury or property loss caused by falling glass. Whether it is installed vertically or obliquely, it can withstand the penetration of the accidental impact, and the whole glass remains intact, which can continue to resist the impact and cover the wind and rain until the replacement.

Anti-reflection: The glass treated by special coating can improve the visual angle and brightness of the screen, and reduce reflection of light. Besides, the image display is clearer, the color is brighter and more saturated.

Anti electromagnetic interference: the internal electrical parts use shielding measures, that is, to effectively prevent the interference of the internal devices, cables to signal, external electromagnetic to the LCD products.

3.Intelligent Constant Temperature System

       The temperature control scheme is determined according to the regional temperature difference and the location of the equipment. Regardless of air-conditioned heat dissipation or forced air-cooled one, the product can meet the requirements with -30 C to 55 C of temperature and 10% to 90% of humidity.

4.Intelligent Luminance Control

With the change of surrounding environment, it can automatically adjust brightness, save energy, protect environment, and avoid light pollution.

5.Intelligent Broadcasting System

The system can play rich resources, including video, audio, picture, text, and FLASH, and can be used to split or assemble interface and picture in the playback interface; grouping, time interval, synchronization, cluster and section.