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Chuangwei Outdoor Display Products Has Entered the Field of Intelligent Bus Stop Sign

The article source:This web site     Release time:06/12/2017 21:19     Views:445

Recently, many bus shelters have been built on many trunk roads in Shenzhen. It is reported that the new bus stop sign belongs to first-stage project, mainly for the bus stop sign construction on the present main road. This batch of intelligent electronic bus stop board can play public service advertising, and can also broadcast real-time traffic status on public traffic information.


The newly-built intelligent bus shelters are a combination of outdoor advertising machine and LCD multimedia display. The system is mainly composed of three main parts: bus operation management center, multimedia video information management platform and intelligent electronic station sign. The intelligent electronic station sign, including equipment such as LCD screen, information publishing system terminal host, 3G communication module to achieve information remote publishing and management functions via Internet. And then information was released to the LED electronic stop board, so that passengers can directly understand the real-time information of each bus at this station.


This batch of intelligent bus stop board can realize the following five functions:

1. the real time arrival forecast of the bus. The display screen on the station board can show bus approaching information, including prediction of route, location and time.

2. instant messaging. The display screen can publish various kinds of public information, such as news summaries, government announcements, weather forecasts, road information, financial briefs, etc.

3. mobile intelligent monitoring. The wireless monitoring camera on the bus stop board can monitor the passenger flow, traffic flow and public security around the bus station in real time, which is another feature of the intelligent bus stop board system.

4. the information collection and display converts freely. According to the real-time data collected by the system, the bus company can check the location of the vehicle running in real time through the background information management center.

5. multimedia information service platform. The multimedia bus stop board is connected to the background through the network, and the background can be connected to the Internet in real time. Therefore, the interactive function of human network can be realized through the platform, such as the peripheral business information query at the core of the digital station, or all kinds of value-added service information like restaurants, drugstores and sports places within 1 kilometers. The function makes full use of the advantages of multimedia information publishing system platform to turn the smart stop board into a convenient service platform.


At present, the construction of bus stop card is still being improved. It is reported that the newly-built intelligent bus stop board will adopt outdoor display products of Chuangweida. The outdoor display technology of Chuangweida is at the top level of the country, whose products can strictly prevent the impact of extreme heat and bitter cold on the intelligent bus stop board. Upon completion, I believe that it will provide more convenient and humanized services to the public and at the same time speed up the pace of changing the city appearance.