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Attention: pedestrians who runs red lights can be exposed to Chuangweida display screen

The article source:This web site     Release time:04/04/2018 17:02     Views:868

  Nowadays, we can live without vehicles when traveling, shopping or daily work, so travel safety naturally becomes the focus of supervision. In particular, fasten your seat belts when driving is definitely the most important thing because the "safety belt" is like "life belt" of drivers and the passengers. It is the first lifeline in a traffic accident.



  In addition, passengers also need to comply with traffic safety and can not runs red lights. Otherwise, your illegal information is likely to be exposed to display screen of Shenzhen Chuangweida Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd.

In order to avoid Chinese style of Crossing Roads, Shenzhen traffic police adopted artificial intelligence recognition and face recognition technology, which can distinguish, expose and provides real-time images  a series of illegal activities, such as running red light, jaywalking, etc. In other words, once violating the regulations, the photos of the violator will immediately appear on the LCD screen of the intersection to alert.




Exactly, such a all-weather, high-definition and continuous warning display system is known as "pedestrian run red light”display screen. Not only does it warn people not to violate laws and regulations, but also not to violate the traffic rules for your personal and property security. Outdoor LCD system has been applied to all walks of life, including park area, business media, bus stop board, charge displaying and the intersection display screen of traffic violation exposure platform that we just mentioned. The system has greatly changed people's lifestyle, just like a stretch of landscape.





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Chuangweida’s electronic technology R & D and design team members have more than 5 years' experience in the outdoor high brightness advertising machine industry. So they have rich experience, deep knowledge and unique insights in product design technology, thermal management technology, electronic control technology, optical control technology, etc. Until now, the outdoor high brightness advertising machine developed and manufactured by Chuangweida has been adopted by a large number of outdoor media companies, public utilities and high-end enterprise groups at home and abroad. The machine has significant economic and social benefits for customers, widely used in bus stations, community parks, business centers, squares, freeway toll stations, electric Locomotive charging stations,etc.