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How to choose an outdoor LCD advertising machine?

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As outdoor advertising is gradually transformed from traditional static billboard to dynamic digital advertising machine, many users have many doubts on buying advertising machines. Compared to before, outdoor LCD advertising machines will not be affected by weather and can bring good visual and auditory enjoyment with more expressive pictures. Then how to choose an outdoor LCD advertising machine?

  1、Consider the stability and heat dissipation of outdoor LCD advertising machines.

In practical applications, outdoor LCD advertising machine may run uninterrupted for 7 x 24 hours. Then, the stability and heat dissipation of it should be an important factor to be considered when we choose to buy outdoor LCD advertising machines.
  2、Consider whether the outdoor LCD advertising machine is energy-saving.
  In order to be energy-saving, it is very important to turn off the power when the outdoor LCD advertising machine is idle, and to eliminate standby power consumption and to adjust the volume reasonably. This can not only help energy conservation and environment protection, but also extend its service life.
  3、Choose the best quality rather than the most expensive one.
  The price of outdoor LCD advertising machines has always been the most concerned problem for buyers. Since the outdoor LCD advertising machine has also been developed for more than ten years, the price difference among manufacturers is not very big. Before buying outdoor LCD advertising machines, we should firstly figure out our own needs. It is advisable for us to shop around and ask the reason for high price. You will definitely be able to pick out the outdoor LCD advertising machine you need.  
  Besides, since systems with excellent compatibility are able to work with a variety of devices , outdoor LCD advertising machines achieve a variety of functions and indirectly reduce cost. After purchase, we also need to know how to improve the accuracy towards audience.


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