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The Projected Capacitive Touch Membranes

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The projected capacitive touch membranes could be placed in the inner side of the glass window and used in conjunction with the display device to achieve 24 hours working. The touch membrane is applied to the touch table and the design appearance is smooth and artistic. It is a practical choice of intelligent control in occasions such as conference room, the multi-function upscale hotel, ballroom, game hall, the smart home electric room of the service hall. The projected capacitive touch membranes, which have realized a fully enclosed structure, are watertight, moisture proof, airtight and widely used in open air and wet environment.

The touch membrane adopts projected capacitive technology, with multi-touch functionality for 10, 20, 40, 100 point. The size from 20 to 105 inch can be customized. The penetration performance is so  excellent that it can penetrate 15 millimeter glass. The thickness of touch membrane is 100um and touch accuracy is relatively closed to 1 millimeters.
The product is light and thin, easy to move and install, having high transmittance even up to 96%. With unique noise reduction technology, it achieves perfect disturbance rejection on large-area touch and penetrates into any non-metallic surface. It is suitable for a variety of operating systems and harsh environment with good waterproof dustproof performance and no permanent deformation.
The touch membrane sensor is a flexible polymer film, with more than 4000 nodes in its grid, ensuring a high precision and high sensitivity touch experience.
The touch membrane is free from light interference and can be used anywhere, such as outdoor or direct sunlight. It could be touched by fingers or gloved fingers without respond to non-conductive substances. Cups, utensils could be put on.
The touch membrane is attached to one side of the glass and touch operation is done on the other side, so the touch membrane will not be worn, and it can be waterproof, dustproof, anti damage, and easy to clean, especially suitable for outdoor and laboratory use.

The touch membrane is super-thin with only 200 grams, 100um thick, easy to move and install. The product is more convenient as it supports a variety of operating systems, and has a wide range of applications.

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