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How much is the outdoor LCD advertising machine?

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 For many buyers, price and quality have always been their concern. It is the same for the outdoor LCD advertising machine, which has recently been ask by many customer and colleagues. In fact, with the trend of outdoor LCD advertising machine in the domestic market, prices will have a certain floating. Of course customers often shop around and choose the best. Then how to master the market trend to roughly guess the price ? Let’s talk about the domestic market trend of the outdoor LCD advertising machine.


First, the market trend of outdoor LCD advertising machine in China

 With the support of a series of state policies in 2015, such as "Internet Plus" , O2O and smart city strategies, retail, finance, tourism, government, transportation and other industries have been transformed. Potential market demand of outdoor LCD advertising machine is gradually increased, which also affected product structure of the whole industry and sales volume.

 (1) The Application of Smart Cities

  With the acceleration of smart cities, realizing urban informatization has become the first prerequisite. Statistically, there are 180 urban breakthroughs for the construction of smart cities, which have exceeded 60% in cities at or above the prefecture level. up to trillion yuan market value is getting ready to go further and continues to spread rapidly. The intersection of LCD advertising machine and smart city from the access, communication, image and other elements to the application level of cloud, large data, network, sensor and other technologies have repeatedly refreshed advertising machine industry to provide the overall solutions.

 (2) The Application of Commercial O2O

  O2O, as the most popular word in recent years, is destined to be extraordinary. According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, the O2O market reached 3049.4 billion yuan in the first half of this year, with year-on-year growth of up to 80 percent. From the low level experience shop decoration, commodity and information display to high level traffic access, large data collection and processing, the monotonous form of information dissemination needs of the previous LCD advertising machine would be broken. Instead, it will come to the advanced stage of integrating more technical solutions, such as biological recognition and interactive touch.

  From the above information, it is not difficult to see that the floating of the outdoor LCD advertising machine is related to a series of policies, especially the progress of the smart city, which leads to the demolition of many traditional billboards. This is also the direct factor that makes the outdoor LCD advertising machine hot and fluctuating. Based on the policy, outdoor LCD advertising machine beautifies cities with the exquisite appearance and unique temperature control technology.