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What is an electronic bulletin board?

The article source:This web site     Release time:05/19/2018 16:58     Views:35

The electronic reading column is divided according to the playing mode of the advertising machine. It refers to a channel through which the newspaper industry information is transmitted through the digital LCD display. Now, the outdoor electronic reading column, which is rapidly spreading in China, is A type of outdoor advertising machine, which broadcasts newspaper information through a digital LCD screen through remote control or card playback, providing readers with richer content and a more convenient experience! What does the electronic reading column have? What kind of meaning?


1. In terms of market prospects: As a result of the impact of emerging media, the strategic adjustment of the advertising industry, insisting on strengthening the competitiveness of the main industry core, and accelerating the expansion of diversified operations, this is also an inevitable requirement for China's media and cultural industry to comprehensively promote the integration of internal resources. It is also a beneficial exploration and practice for China's cultural industry to seek new economic growth.

2. In terms of media technology: relying on the Internet, 3G Internet, high-definition engine display, multi-touch and other emerging technologies, the outdoor electronic reading column has achieved breakthroughs in its own functions, not only providing newspaper reading, but also bringing together the Internet. Various functions such as newsletters, video news, and information and information inquiries have further enhanced the technical level of the electronic bulletin boards in the party newspapers and also enhanced the competitiveness of the media market.


3. In terms of strategic value: The wealth of construction experience, advanced technology, and management models of Chuangwei Da’s “electronic reading column” will certainly drive the overall improvement of the level of the newspaper advertising industry, fully embodying the informationization, marketization, and internationalization. The operating philosophy of the company enhances the operating environment and helps create a new profit model.


4. In terms of economic benefits: By giving full play to its comprehensive advantages of the newspaper group, it will surely become a way to transform the intangible assets of the party newspaper into tangible, capitalized, and wealthy forms. It will promote digital publishing in the most efficient way, through digitalization and electronic reading. Digital distribution of columns. Not only can the support of policies be developed at a high speed, but it can also be far ahead of other media (traditional media, such as printing, transportation, management, delivery, etc., have high manpower and material costs), and it is more conducive to the transformation of newspaper groups into digital media groups. Higher value economic benefits.


5. In the aspect of the national government: Strengthen the party's credibility and influence, expand the party newspaper's own image and propaganda; make a direct contribution to directly strengthen the national cultural industry and improve the spiritual and cultural construction and improve the quality of the entire people.


6, in the future perspective: electronic reading column is an electronic paper reading environmental protection reading, is a low-carbon, green, environmental protection projects, in line with the newspaper industry, efficient and rapid development direction!


The above is an introduction to what is an electronic bulletin board. Hopefully it will help those who need it. If you want to learn more about the electronic content, please continue to pay attention to our website. We will regularly updated.