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The era of intelligent transit bus stops really is coming

The article source:公交电子站牌     Release time:05/21/2018 16:39     Views:58

We have all had this experience and we are eagerly waiting for our own bus at the bus station. It seems that the more we are in a hurry, the slower our bus is. Should we continue to wait and continue to change the ride plan? We are afraid that we will not come yet; At this point we were thinking that if we could know that my bus was a few stops away, it would take a few minutes to get there. You may not have thought of being accustomed to traditional bus stop signs. One day we can really know when my shuttle bus will arrive. This is thanks to the smart bus stop sign. Below, let's take a look at how the smart traffic stop sign allows us to wait for our car to know it.


The smart bus stop is part of the intelligent public transport system. There is no official unified definition. In layman's terms, it is to facilitate passengers' access to public transport information. An electronic screen is installed on the bus stop to show real-time bus operation status. A few minutes into the station, how far away from the station, how many passengers are already in the car.


To sum up, smart bus stop has the following functions:

1. Intelligent arrival remind function


Waiting for the busiest thing in the bus, I am afraid it is not clear when the vehicle I am going to take will arrive. Although many traffic apps now have tracking and reporting functions, they still face problems such as poor positioning, incorrect information, and lack of vehicle information. They are neither accurate nor intuitive. The intelligent electronic bus stop card solves the above problem and displays real-time and accurate vehicle progress information on the large screen of the stop sign, allowing the passengers to keep abreast of the vehicle dynamics. In this way, it is more intuitive, simpler, and more precise than using the mobile phone APP, so that the process of waiting for the bus is no longer purposeless, and the passengers become more patient and always maintain a good mood.


2, voice broadcast function


In order to prevent passengers from crossing the station, a voice announcement function is set inside the bus and a voice prompt will be provided when the vehicle enters the station. Similarly, when the vehicle is about to enter the station, the intelligent electronic bus stop will broadcast the information of the inbound vehicle in a voice broadcast to remind the passengers of the attention and effectively prevent the passengers from negligently missing the vehicle and affecting the travel.


3, remote station monitoring


The intelligent electronic bus stop can be integrated with a high-definition camera, which can timely feedback the number of waiting cars on the platform and relevant status to the smart command center, so that relevant departments can more accurately grasp the flow of people and traffic of the platform and become the data of public transport planning. Reference, to better improve the bus system network, so that the frequency of trips at each site, daily flow of people, the flow of people can meet the actual needs. Not only that, the monitoring function can also monitor the surrounding conditions of stations, which is of great significance for the maintenance of station security, forensic evidence collection, and rapid equipment repairs.


4, mobile gas station function


To be sure, this may be the simplest but also the passenger's favorite feature. The advent of smart phones has changed people's working lifestyles such as communication and communication, but powerful smart cores also face huge drawbacks in terms of power consumption. They are extremely easy to run out of electricity and it is difficult to find a power source for charging when they go out. The intelligent electronic bus station card integrated mobile phone gas station function has greatly met the requirements of the majority of waiting passengers for mobile phone charging.


It is worth mentioning that the smart bus electronic station card still has a USB port for mobile phone charging, so as to facilitate public charging. It is more convenient to travel by bus later.


Chuangwei Da Electronics is a leading intelligent electronic bus stop sign system R&D, production and service provider in China. Over the years, Chuangwei Da intelligent electronic bus stop has been applied to regional markets such as Zhangzhou, Hebei, Changzhou, Jiangsu, and Pudong, Shanghai. It has been highly favored by the industry and has been unanimously recognized by industry customers such as bus companies and media giants.